TheFASTLANE & Co Stock Auditing Service

TheFastLane & Co Stock Auditing Service helps to systematically and independently examine businesses data. We perform a comprehensive stocktake, record variances, verify the results, report valuation, and adjusts the stock level for accuracy.

Research Shows that businesses lose several millions in stock theft and mismanagement monthly.

We audit stock of supermarkets, hypermarkets, retail, grocery stores, farms and other modern trade markets in order to help them manage their stock, check for discrepancies and to prevent the incessant increase in stock theft.

Stock audits are essential even in these days of computerised inventory, it helps trace losses that can not be tracked electronically.

Other benefits of stock audits includes:

  • Identification of slow moving stock, obsolete stock, dead stock and scrap.
  • Avoidance of pilferage and fraud.
  • Instant information of value of inventory.
  • Cost reduction and bottom-line.
  • Special arrangements for third party opinion, including for Agent warehouses.
  • Reduction in gaps in present inventory management process.
  • Track product Expiry.

To be the certified source of world class stock and inventory auditor in Nigeria and beyond.

To progressively redefine stocks and inventory auditing in Nigeria and beyond, employing technology and creating an efficient system that will reduce theft and provide stock accuracy which will interprete to increase in sales.

Our goals and  objectives are to:

  •  Conduct a stock audit that will ensure the security of stock.
  •  Manage product stocking inside and outside the modern trade market.
  • Provide an adequate environment to ensure the interaction of supply and demand forces for trading, according to the clear, proper and fair trading practices.

Procedures of Stock Audit


New stock is registered, barcoded, and entered in the system for its acquisition or use. These barcodes are then scanned every time the item is removed from the stock for any purpose. Also, the purpose is required to be entered in the provided field, so as to know afterwards and verify it.

After the stock ends and new stock is demanded, its variable use is analyzed for its requisition, and this process continues.

Uploading of scans

Scanned products will be uploaded on the company’s database.

Flash Report

Provide summary of the key operational and stock count of the business to the management on a frequent basis, perhaps monthly.

The report is intended to pinpoint  issues that the management can act on.

Variance Analysis

To give deviations of actual behaviour versus forecasted or planned behaviour in budgeting or stocking.

This is essentially concerned with how the difference of actual and planned behaviours indicates how business performance is being impacted.

Stock Schedule

Before stock counting, Stocks will be categorized for easy counting. After which,  products that are doing very well will be identified and stated.

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